Company History

Our company, J.D. Dickinson opened its doors in 1967 with the purchase of buildings at our present location of 2557 W. Olive Street in Springfield Missouri. J.D. Dickinson Air compressor has grown into a regional company covering parts and service in N.W. Arkansas, Central and S.W. Missouri, S.E. Kansas, and N.E. Oklahoma. The company has consistently maintained a quality product line offering of American made compressors that includes Quincy, Saylor Beal, Campbell Hausfeld and has refrained from selling any quality deficient imported compressor units.

Within a few years of its inception the J.D. Dickinson Air Compressor Company began servicing compressors and offering repairs for older units. As time progressed many of the light industrial businesses in southwest Missouri came to call on our company for new machines and service and maintenance to prolong the life of their investment in equipment. This transition rapidly expanded into new opportunities for supplier relationship from an equipment and service point of view. Today Dickinson’s customers include not only small industrial facilities but also large factories such as General Mills, Bass Pro and Tracker Marine Boats, as well as auto parts store outlets, and includes local, state and Federal government purchasers.

Our strong suite is the service we supply after the sale. Many of the machines we have sold are still running after 20 to 25+ years of service by our company. We have followed up on many of these sales with oil and filter maintenance on a regular basis, thus prolonging the life of the initial capital investment in plant equipment. This is an accomplishment that we are quite proud of and, not to mention, has saved many of our customers untold vast sums for replacement cost of air compressor units over the years.

Another accomplishment that we are quite proud of is our supply of new capital equipment air compressors for numerous manufacturing and light industrial plants. Much of this equipment is now approximately 30 years old and our customers are still using these air compressors to this day. We have followed up on each of these units with service maintenance kits designed to do the basic maintenance to insure smooth operation and lubrication for years to come with oil, oil filters and air filters. We have assisted the contractors with installation and configuration of these units. Often times this will involve a visit to the client sight to determine specifications needed to integrate an air compressor system. We have also worked with the architects and engineering group at Bass Pro to coordinate successful compressed air systems in all of their stores.

J.D. Dickinson Air Compressor’s knowledgeable staff has been able to facilitate many repairs on site in the market area we cover. We maintain and warehouse a large used compressor parts selection as well as new machine inventory and parts. We began as a small company 40 years ago and have dreamed big.

Sincerely Yours,

J.D. (Don) Dickinson, Jr.
J.D. Dickinson Air Compressor Company
2557 W. Olive Street / Springfield , Missouri 65802